Save On Car Service With Our 2017 Presidents Day Coupon!

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In honor of this upcoming Presidents Day, Jiffy Lube of Southern California is offering a discount on our Signature Service and Specialty oil changes.  (more…)

What are the vehicle smog inspection requirements in California?

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traffic smog

California, especially Southern California, has long had it’s problems with smog and air quality over the years which has resulted in laws being passed to protect our air environment. One of these laws requires that vehicles be given a smog inspection every other year in order to have an approved registration by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Unfortunately, some wait until the moment that their registration due date is up to get inspection and run into problems when they find out that their vehicle needs repairs in order to pass, resulting in a delay. We at Southern California Jiffy Lube have compiled a list of helpful information about vehicle registrations in our state for your benefit.  

First off, if your vehicle is less than 6 years old it is exempt from an emissions test however you will be required to pay a mandatory $20 smog abatement fee before you can be registered. There are other exemptions such as:

  • Gas powered vehicles made in 1975 or before
  • Diesel-powered vehicles manufactured before 1997 (or a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of more than 14,000 pounds)
  • Electric vehicles
  • Natural gas powered vehicles heavier than 14,000 pounds
  • Motorcycles
  • Hybrids
  • Trailers  

If your vehicle does not fall into any of the above the categories, you can go on to the California Department of Motor Vehicles website and enter your zip code to see if a smog inspection is required in your county. You can also check your vehicle registration renewal notice which will also inform you of the type of testing station you can take your vehicle to (smog testing station, a test-only station, or a STAR station with higher testing standards).

Should your vehicle pass the smog inspection, the results will be electronically sent to the DMV and you will be given a receipt and a copy of the test results also known as a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR). If your vehicle fails to pass, the station will give you a copy of the report and inform you why your vehicle did not hold up to the test standards. In this case your vehicle will need to be repaired and retested in order to be registered.

Southern California Jiffy Lube service centers offers regular maintenance for vehicles and we’re conveniently located all throughout the Southland. By having us service your vehicle, you can have a peace of mind when it comes to inspection time. We will also perform vehicle safety inspections at selected locations for first time vehicle registrations, along with emissions tests. Let’s partner together to keep vehicles in inspection passing condition and to help keep our air in California clean for us all to enjoy.    

Tips To Keep Your Vehicle In Shape During And After Heavy Rainfall

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car rainfall

Mother nature sure did a number on us Southern California residents this winter producing rainstorm after rainstorm, which of course has been much needed. Since October 1st, the downtown Los Angeles area alone has received up to 13 inches of rain which is a 216% increase than the average amount for this time of year. While this is great for our water supplies, plants, trees, and overall ecosystem – this can put a strain on our vehicles especially if we’re not used to caring for our cars in these conditions, so we’d like to share some helpful tips to keep them in shape during and after a rain storm.

Have Operating Wind Shield Wipers

This is important as wipers clear the windows and give drivers a safe view of the road ahead. With heavy rainfall, wipers are used constantly and can wear easily. The moment you notice that the wipers are not clearing the windshield well, you should have them inspected for cracks, missing pieces, and tears on the rubber squeegee’s. Also, be sure to wipe down your blades to remove dirt, oils, and other things that can cause a build up.

Tire Maintenance

Keep an eye on your tires air pressure. Tires with incorrect air pressure can lead to difficulties in handling and braking – especially during rainfall. Cold temperatures harden the rubber on tires making them more slippery making it even more important to watch the pressure on tires and the treading. Low treading on a tire is extremely dangerous.

Properly Working Brakes

They say that Southern California drivers can’t handle driving in the rain and a lot of that has to do with being able to brake properly during rainfall but braking properly also requires that you have brakes in good condition. Test your brakes to see if they feel soft or spungey – if they do, have them inspected immediately. When driving in the rain, you not only have to brake for speed but also due to other drivers ahead of you who are dealing with the wet roads – and who knows what kind of shape their cars are in to handle wet conditions. What you can do is make sure that your car is in condition during and after a storm.

If you need further assistance in keeping your vehicle in great working condition during this rainy season, stop on by to one of our Southern California Jiffy Lube locations today.

10 Things You Should Keep In The Trunk Of Your Car

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You may not be a big fan of car clutter and that’s understandable. But here are a few “just in case” items we feel you might want to keep in the trunk of your car that won’t drive you clutter crazy. Some are for maintenance, some are for emergency, all are for your convenience. These are just a few more helpful tips brought to you by your good friends over at Jiffy Lube So Cal. (more…)

Top 10 Most Expensive “Check Engine” Light-Related Repairs

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check engine dash lightTop 10 Most Expensive “Check Engine” Light-Related Repairs

The sight of a “check engine” light can make you cringe. Here’s a list of your top 10 most expensive “check engine” light-related cringers brought to you by your friends over at Jiffy Lube So Cal. (more…)

Safety First Holiday Safety Tips for Last Minute Shoppers

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We all know that holiday shopping can get hectic. Here’s a couple of helpful tips to help you Jiffy Lubers stay safe through it all. From you friends over at Jiffy Lube So Cal. (more…)

3 No-Brainer New Year’s Eve Safety Tips Everyone Should Consider

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NYE safety Tips - Jiffy Lube So Cal

NYE safety Tips – Jiffy Lube So CalNYE safety Tips – Jiffy Lube So Cal

Hello again New Year’s Eve! Always great to see you this time of year! You are a perfect excuse to let loose with friends and loved ones.

But along with any night of celebration and renewal, you must always keep your safety and the well being of others in mind.

We wanted to share this list of safety tips for your 2017 New Years Eve celebration. (more…)

Driving Tips for getting around Southern California during the holiday season

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Driving during the holidays is always a task. Who wants to do that? We’ve prepared a short list of suggestions for you to try out while driving this holiday season.

Map it out

Before you leave, where are you going? Pull out your Google Maps & check out exactly where you are headed compared to where you are now. Sometimes it’s an easy straight shot where you hop on one freeway & get off a few miles away. Other times it may take 12 freeway changes to get from your house to your friend’s. (Yes, I am talking from experience.) Know where you are going, & if there are other options that you can change to when the road gets a little rocky.

Add 30 minutes

No matter what, leave early! You never know what type of conditions the road might be in.

Know which way traffic is flowing 

Some freeways are always busy, at all times. (Did someone just say the 405 freeway?) But others are very specific on which way the traffic flows at different times of the day. For instance, the freeway by our office has constant traffic, going East only, from 3 pm to 7 pm… every single weekday. I don’t even go near the freeway in that directions during the afternoons. I know I will age just sitting there. It’s just like heading to Las Vegas on a holiday weekend, you know you will be sitting with the rest of SoCal on the 15.

Use a navigation app

There are a ton of app options for you to download straight to your phone that helps reroute you due to traffic changes. Use them. I am not going to lie, I didn’t trust these apps for a long time, but now that I use them, I don’t drive without them. Your arrival time updates as you drive, & they offer new routes when a traffic incident comes up. Which leads me to the final tip:

Don’t be afraid to venture off the freeway

Sometimes taking surface streets from one exit to another can save you from 45 minutes of just sitting in your car. Trust the app when they say a new route is faster. Get off the freeway, follow the annoying voice coming from your phone, lock your doors (I mean lets be real: safety first) & follow the train of cars that are using the app right along with you to save time.

A Guide For Your Holiday Road Trip

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road trip sign

With the holiday season just around the corner, many of you are gearing up for a road trip.  Here are a few ideas to help make your road trip safe, fun and efficient.


Fogged Headlights? Here’s a DIY To Clear Up The Situation

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Fogged Headlight

In time, basic wear and tear take take a toll on your vehicle.  One thing that can occur is the fogging of your vehicle’s headlights. (more…)

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