Automotive Tips

Southern California congestion punishes your car, reward it!

Once again Los Angeles has been named the city with the worst traffic congestion in the United States. According to INRIX – a real-time traffic data company, the average Thursday evening commute in the city takes 71% longer than it did in 2009. This increase was not only due to growth but also to an increase in jobs available in urban centers, requiring more people to commute.

We recently tweeted that LA driving is considered to be “severe” conditions for your car, a big part of the punishment your car takes is when you sit in traffic. When a car is moving slowly, stopping frequently, and running for a long period it generates a great deal of heat. Motor oil, engine coolant, and other fluid and lubricants help keep that heat from wearing out your car.

With all the punishment daily driving puts on your car, give it a reward! Stop by your local Southern California Jiffy Lube for a Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change®, or any of our other many services. We’ll keep your car running reliably, even when you are sitting in the worst traffic.

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