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Jiffy Lube Show Your Stripes – A Story of Opportunity for Veterans

IMG-20140501-01094We at Jiffy Lube of Southern California strive to be involved in our community and have partnered with the Show Your Stripes initiative in an effort to hire and support veterans.  Raising the visibility of military personnel who are transitioning to other careers out of the armed services is important to the nation, the individuals and companies.  We at Jiffy Lube are proud to highlight one of our employees, Zeke Herrera, who started with our company straight out of the Marine Corp.

Zeke Herrera currently serves as one of our District Guest Experience Managers.  He came out of the Marine Corp in 1992 and Jiffy Lube was the first job he had in his civilian career.  For him, it was perfect because he got a chance to build on the communications, learning and team skills he gained as a Marine when he had joined straight out of high school.  It also helped that he worked with Motor Transport in the Marines where he gained knowledge and experience in servicing vehicles.

While Zeke’s role with Jiffy Lube has grown over his years with the company, he began as a service technician, where he utilized the same guest services and vehicle service procedures that he now teaches. According to Zeke, the opportunities for veterans are there, not only with Jiffy Lube but other companies that offer a starting position that doesn’t require many specific skills or training. “What is important about transitioning is to find something that you love doing and throw yourself into learning everything you can about the job.”

The most rewarding and useful part of military experience for Zeke was learning about a variety of cultures and experiences by being a part of a team that came from diverse backgrounds.  Living in different parts of the world, such as Thailand and Korea, helped Zeke develop skills to interact with many types of people. These acquired skills along with the discipline of following procedures, showing respect and managing interactions have made Zeke a great success as a civilian as well as a Marine.

We at Jiffy Lube encourage you to follow the Show Your Stripes initiative and to be active in supporting our veterans who are transitioning to civilian life. For the veterans out there who are looking for their first civilian job, Zeke’s advice is to use the interaction skills and commitment learned from the military to find and take advantage of opportunities to learn skills that will help you grow and become successful. If you are a veteran and would be interested in working at Jiffy Lube in the Southern California area, please fill out our Job Opportunities Questionnaire on our Show Yours Stripes page or visit

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