Automotive Tips

Know your tires to give them the proper care

tiresRegular tire maintenance protects the life of your tires securing a smart return on your investment. Tire maintenance is fast and easy and includes tire rotation services, proper wheel alignment, tread inspection, and a check of tire pressure. Jiffy Lube, your quick oil change neighbor in the Greater Los Angeles area, offers the following tips on tire maintenance:

  • Tire rotation: moves each tire to a different corner of the vehicle to ensure uniform wear for all four tires. Generally, performed every 6,000 to 8,000 miles or at every other oil change.  Manufacturers provide recommendations and rotation pattern depending on make and model.
  • Wheel alignment: adjusts the angles of the wheels to the correct position to eliminate uneven wear. Needed if your vehicle “pulls” to the left or right as the result of hitting a curb or a pothole.
  • Tread inspection: checks the depth of a tire’s tread for high, low, or smooth areas as well as for any signs of damage. Tires that are worn to 1/16 of an inch provide minimal traction and warrant replacement to prevent skidding and hydroplaning. Should be performed once a month and before every long distance trip.
  • Tire pressure:  check the tire pressure according to vehicle manufacturer recommendations located in the owner’s manual or on the tire information label located in the glove box or driver’s door jamb. Driving on over or underinflated tires causes uneven wear and could result in tire failure like a flat or blowout. Check tire pressure once a month and include the spare tire.

Tires lose about one pound of pressure a month due to normal seepage and can lose up to ½ of the necessary inflation pressure without appearing flat.  Jiffy Lube includes a check of tire pressure with every oil change in the Los Angeles area, and tire rotation services are available at some Southern California Jiffy Lube locations.  Use these tips to protect your tire investment and make sure you ask about your tires the next time you stop for a Jiffy Lube quick oil change.  If you’ve ever had to change a flat tire, let us know on social media how you did.  We want share your helpful stories with our Twitter and Facebook community.

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