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Protect your vehicle in hot weather conditions

hot weatherIt’s true that summer’s heat can zap your energy, but did you know it can also decrease the charge on your vehicle’s battery? Preventive maintenance like a battery check is a quick and easy way to extend your vehicle battery’s life no matter how far the mercury rises.  Here is the scoop on batteries and hot weather vehicle maintenance:

When heat from outside air combines with your vehicle engine’s heat, it can cause battery corrosion. Corrosive residue that accumulates on battery terminals inhibits the current’s flow and lessens the battery’s charge and heat also evaporates battery fluid causing internal damage to the battery.  It can even speed up a battery’s internal chemical reaction which results in overcharging and a shorter battery life.

Jiffy Lube in Southern California offers the following tips on preventive services to help you avoid a dead battery.  Please check with us at your preferred oil change location if you would like battery service to make sure it is offered.

  • Battery Diagnostic: testing of the vehicle starting and charging system components including cranking amp capacity of the battery, electrical draw of the starter, and electrical output of the alternator.
  • Battery Replacement: visually inspecting the battery and checking the cranking amp capacity. Replacement of the old battery, if needed. Usually recommended every 3-5 years.
  • Battery Terminal Cleaning: inspecting the battery cable terminals and removing terminals from the battery. Cleaning the battery posts and cable terminals; reconnecting the cable terminals to the battery and applying a protective spray coating.
  • Battery Terminal replacement only if needed after inspection.

When necessary, the above services can be performed while connected to an external power source preventing the loss of electric memory in digital radios, clocks, door locks, alarms and other systems.

Another way to keep your vehicle running smoothly in summer’s heat is to obtain a regular oil change like a synthetic oil change which includes a check of vital fluids including battery water. Don’t forget that hot weather can also be hard on your vehicle’s exterior; wash your vehicle weekly and wax every 6 months to minimize damage from sunlight, UV radiation, acid rain, dirt, and air pollution.

Check back with us soon for an upcoming article on keeping your passengers safe in hot weather conditions.

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