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Get the Most Mileage for your Vehicle With Fuel System Cleaning

fuel-pumpThe same gasoline that powers your vehicle can also leave deposits that affect performance and lower gas mileage. Fuel system cleaning helps eliminate these deposits restoring full power and fuel efficiency to your vehicle.

Southern California Jiffy Lube provides a fuel system service that involves cleaning the fuel injectors, intake valves, and cylinder heads—all these components are vital for combustion yet prone to developing deposits. In addition to a thorough cleaning, fuel system services also include fuel filter replacement. Since the fuel filter removes dirt and other contaminants from the fuel line, it’s important to change it periodically to prevent the fuel injectors from becoming clogged.

Fuel injector maintenance is especially important to preserving your gas mileage.  The fuel injectors use tiny, nearly microscopic nozzles to deliver a fine spray of fuel into the cylinder. When these nozzles become clogged with fuel deposits, the fine spray changes into larger droplets and may not ignite fully; this results in a decrease of power for your vehicle even as it uses more gas.

Intake valves and cylinder heads are also susceptible to fuel deposits. In order to restore fuel efficiency and ensure the necessary amount of fuel is delivered into the cylinder or combustion chamber, deposits need to be removed.

Jiffy Lube’s Fuel System Services include:

  • Fuel Filter replacement: removal and replacement of the old fuel filter with a new one according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Fuel System cleaning service: use of multi-step cleaners to clean the fuel system helping to remove varnish build-up, intake valve deposits, and cylinder head deposits.

If you’re presently spending more on gas than in the past or noticing a change in your vehicle’s performance, it might be time for a fuel system cleaning.  To maximize your gas mileage and enjoy savings at the pump, stop by your neighborhood Jiffy Lube today and request the fuel system services.

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