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Maintain Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System and Keep Cool This Summer

vehicle-acFirst offered in vehicles as an aftermarket luxury in the 1940s, automotive air conditioning removes heat and humidity from inside the vehicle, keeping occupants cool as a cucumber no matter how high the mercury rises. Most of us don’t give our mobile AC a second thought— unless it quits blowing cool air, and we begin to wilt.

Problems with the AC not cooling is often the result from low levels of refrigerant. Commonly known as R-134a, refrigerant is passed through the air conditioning compressor, pressurized, and then pumped through the AC system; ultimately, it enters a valve where pressure and temperature are lowered allowing it to cool before entering the evaporator located in the passenger cabin.  This process results in the cool air that blows into your vehicle.

Should you find that your vehicle isn’t cooling the way it should, bring it in to us. Jiffy Lube’s AC vehicle services include an inspection (and replacement if needed) of the Serpentine Belt, which powers the AC compressor, as well as an AC Evacuation and Recharge of refrigerant to proper levels.

The AC Evacuation and Recharge service could be the only Southern California vehicle AC repair your vehicle needs to stay cool. It removes any remaining refrigerant from the vehicle, uses recycling equipment to separate impurities from the refrigerant, and recharges it into the vehicle, adding new refrigerant to precisely meet manufacturer recommendations for the amount of refrigerant that’s correct for your vehicle.

During an AC Evacuation and Recharge Service, Jiffy Lube technicians will:

  • Look for evidence of cracks or damage to the air conditioning compressor.
  • Examine accessible components for leaks or damage.
  • Test the function of the air conditioning compressor and other A/C components.
  • Remove or evacuate the refrigerant from the system.
  • Vacuum test the system.
  • Recharge the AC system with the correct amount of refrigerant according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

It’s important to note that any continued problems with the AC, including a low level of refrigerant, may indicate a leak and require a separate repair service to detect the source of the leak.

If you’re AC is causing you to lose your cool, don’t sweat it! Instead, drive in to your neighborhood Jiffy Lube for our air conditioning services including an inspection of key components and a restoration of refrigerant to correct levels.

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