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Back to School: Safety Tips for Drivers

CarpoolIt’s officially back to school season, and although preparing your student is top priority, parents should also take the time to ensure their vehicle is ready for carpooling and field trips. To help parents and teen drivers get safely back in the swing of things, Southern California Jiffy Lube provides the following driving tips.

  • Drive slowly: be prepared to slow down and stop on a dime. Many school zones have a 15mph speed limit to protect children walking or riding bikes to school. Maintain slow speeds through neighborhoods, especially where children enter and exit buses or wait at bus stops.
  • Stay alert: eliminate distractions while driving. Watch for children at crosswalks, and yield to pedestrians. Be aware of areas surrounded by parked cars and other roadway obstacles that may restrict vision.
  •  Share the road with school buses: never pass a stopped school bus that is loading or unloading children. Slow down for a bus’s yellow flashing lights, and completely stop for red lights and an extended stop sign indicating children are getting on or off the bus. Remember traffic in both directions must stop.
  • Use vehicle headlights: see clearly in dim light, and make your vehicle visible to children who may be waiting to catch an early morning school bus.

For more safety tips on sharing the road with school buses, child pedestrians, and bicyclists, read the National Safety Council’s Back to School Safety Tips for Motorists.

Keeping our children safe is everyone’s responsibility, and one way to ensure the roads are safe is by a little preventive vehicle maintenance. Jiffy Lube offers the following auto services to keep your vehicle functioning like it should:

  • Windshield services: whether you have a cracked windshield or need wiper replacements, maximize your visibility on sunny days and during inclement weather.
  • Brake services: have your brake linings and key components inspected and follow recommendations based on their condition or the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Tire rotation services: let our service technicians rotate the position of your vehicle’s tires to minimize wear and increase traction.

Jiffy Lube wishes everyone a safe and happy start to the school year. Come in soon for a signature oil change that includes a check/fill of your windshield washer fluid and an inspection of brake fluid, wiper blades, and exterior lights.  Drive safely and look for more tips on vehicle maintenance from your local Jiffy Lube.

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