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Why change your vehicle’s power steering fluid?

Technician_Car_1Chances are you might not have to flex a lot of muscle to steer your vehicle. Modern vehicles are equipped with a power-steering system that pumps pressurized fluid to the piston transmitting the power necessary to turn the wheels. This power-steering fluid is the least expensive part of the power-steering system, yet it is vital to the life of the pump and other more costly components. Taking care of the power steering fluid makes a lot of sense when you check out the repair and replacement cost of the power steering system provided by ehow.

Over time, power-steering parts like the seals and O-rings weaken and can break down into small bits which contaminate the power-steering fluid and make it more difficult to pump. Because it’s working harder than it should, the power-steering pump can wear out and require a replacement. Changing the power-steering fluid as well as monitoring the level of the fluid will help protect the pump and other power-steering components like the hoses, pistons, and valves, saving you wear and tear on your vehicle and your budget.

Jiffy Lube of Southern California suggests checking your vehicle owner’s manual for manufacturer recommendations on how often to have your vehicle’s power-steering fluid changed. We also remind you that our Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change is a complete preventive maintenance service with a check/fill of essential fluids including the power-steering fluid.

In between oil change services, Jiffy Lube recommends consulting one of our technicians if you notice any of the following:

  • Whining or groaning noises when turning the vehicle’s steering wheel.
  • Leaks of any fluid.
  • Difficulty steering the vehicle.
  • Color changes in the power-steering fluid from amber, pink, or red to brown or black.

Maintaining your power steering fluid at appropriate levels and changing it according to specified intervals will help keep the power-steering system performing optimally for smooth and easy driving. With every oil change, Jiffy Lube makes it easy to keep an eye on your power steering fluid. Stop by today and remember to print and bring your oil change coupons with you if you haven’t signed up for our free Jiffy Lube iPhone app that provides reminders and specials.

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