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Hot Weather Means Big Trouble for Car Batteries

Technician_Car_17Summer heat damages car batteries even more than cold weather. This statement surprise lots of people. In this article, Jiffy Lube of Southern California explains the truth behind this statement and shows the impacts of hot temperatures on a vehicle battery.

Faster Fluid Evaporation

Heat causes battery fluid to evaporate. If it evaporates too much, the internal battery structure could be compromised. This damage may not cause immediate problems. However, it could lessen the battery’s ability to hold a charge. So when the temperature drops and the engine oil gets thicker, battery damage initially caused by summer heat prohibits the engine from starting.

Structural damage caused by battery fluid evaporation also leads to acid leaks that can corrode the battery terminals and connections. Left untreated, the corrosion – in the form of a crusty greenish-white powder – can cause ignition problems. The leaked acid can also eat away at other parts of the engine and cause expensive damage.

A Shorter Life Span

In normal weather conditions, a battery typically lasts four to six years. In locations where temperatures often spike into the triple digits, like many parts of Southern California during the summer, batteries last three years on average.

A Special Note to Electric Car Drivers

Warm temperatures can significantly affect the range of an electric vehicle (EV). In a test performed last year by AAA, an EV drove an average of 109 miles on a single charge in 75-degree weather. That average dropped to 69 miles in 95-degree weather.

Failing Battery Warning Signs

If you notice any of these symptoms, your vehicle needs battery maintenance service:

  • The battery light is illuminated on the dashboard.
  • There is a grinding, clicking, or buzzing sound when you turn the ignition on.
  • Headlights dim when you are idling but brighten when you rev the engine.
  • Slow cranking when the engine starts.

How Jiffy Lube Can Help

Our battery service is an answer to the following question: “What is the best way of prolonging the battery life of my vehicle?”

We offer a full line of preventive services, including:

  • Battery diagnostics to ensure all parts of the battery system are performing well and securely mounted.
  • Battery terminal cleaning to remove corrosion from terminals and posts.
  • Battery replacement if the current battery is leaking or cannot hold an adequate charge.

Do not spend valuable summer time waiting for a jump-start. Bring your car to us and leave worry behind.

*Please check with your local Southern California Jiffy Lube as not locations provide all battery and electrical system services.

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