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5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Improve Your Gas Mileage

Increase gas mileage

Are you looking for ways to improve your gas mileage?  Jiffy Lube® So Cal wants to help! In this blog, we give you 5 things you can do right now to help you save gas and hopefully make your car run a bit more efficient.

1. Change your driving habits.

Aggressive driving puts strain on the motor, which makes it to use gas faster. You can pay up to an extra QUARTER per gallon for every 5 mph you drive over 50. On the freeway, you can use cruise control to help control your speed and help save gas in the long run.

2. Smooth Acceleration and Deceleration

If you know you will be running into multiple stoplights or stop signs, smooth acceleration and deceleration can help to conserve fuel.

3. Use the overdrive gears

Overdrive gears help improve fuel efficiency by reducing the engine speed for a given road speed. They can also reduce engine wear.

4. Turn off your engine

Turn off your engine if you aren’t using it! This might sound silly, but an engine that is on, idle and not making anything move is running at exactly 0 mpg.

5. Clean out your trunk

Declutter your trunk and backseat. All those clothes, and boxes of papers and cans and bottles add up! Driving around with an extra 100 lbs can reduce gas mileage by 2%.

Bonus Tip #6! Get an Oil Change

Did you know that old dirty oil causes your vehicle to burn more fuel? Improve your gas mileage today by getting an oil change! Just bring in this oil change coupon to any Jiffy Lube location near you!

Source: United States Department of Energy. For more information visit

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