Automotive Tips

Stay Safe While Driving In The Rain

car rain1

Driving an be dangerous anytime, however driving in the rain is even more dangerous.  We’ve compiled a few tips to help keep you safe during this rainy season

Make sure that your car is ready for the rainy season

Making sure that your car is safe to drive in the rain is very important.  A couple things to ensure that your car is safe include: checking tire pressure, checking tire tread, changing wiper blades if necessary, and making sure that your windows and headlights are clean.

Decrease your speed

Rain can cause the road to be slippery and more dangerous to travel on.  With this in mind, drive slow.  Wet weather can decrease traction by 1/3.  It is recommended to drive 1/3 slower than usual during the rain.

Don’t use technology

Although, the hands-free laws were recently updated and include more restrictions, taking your eyes off the road during the rain can be extremely dangerous.  Don’t use technology while driving in the rain. Click here to get the scoop on the recently updates hands-free law for California.

What to do when you hydroplane

Hydroplaning happens wen your car is riding on the top of the water and has lost contact with the road.  It can be a terrifying experience when driving.  When this occurs, steering the vehicle will be difficult if possible at all.  It is recommended when hydroplaning to ease your foot off the gas,which will transfer the weight to the front tires, causing the car to regain contact with the road.


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