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What Your Vehicle Is Trying To Tell You: 9 Dash Lights & What They Mean (Part 1)

car dash

What are all the dash lights that pop up in your car?  Some of them are fairly easy to determine what they in regards to, however some are not.  In an attempt to make it easier, here are a few of the lights that you may see on your dash and what they mean.

Check Engine Light

check engine dash light

The check engine light can indicate that a vehicle system (i.e ignition, fuel injection or emission control) is not working properly.  The check engine light doesn’t necessarily an emergency with the vehicle, however the vehicle should be inspected soon.

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

tire pressure light

One or more of the tires on the vehicle have low pressure, and need to be checked.  Tire pressure should be checked immediately.

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Engine Temperature Light

engine temp dash light

This light indicates that the vehicle’s engine is too hot.  If the A/C is running, turn it off and pull to side of the road to assess the situation.


Check back soon for the next installment of this article which will include three more dash lights and their meanings.

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