Automotive Tips

Protect Your Car Paint & Interior From The Elements

sun damage

Weather and other elements can damage the paint and interior plastic of a vehicle.    Living in Southern California can take a toll on our vehicle’s paint and interior causing damage, often form the sun.  Here are a few tips to help preserve your car:

  • Park in the shade or in a garage when possible to prevent the sun from beeming down on the paint and through the windows on to the car’s interior.
  • Wash you car.  Washing a vehicle will cleanse it of pollution and grime that can wreck havoc on paint.  Read up on why to have professionals wash your car hereWashing your car regularly can also prevent dirt & grime from infiltrating the engine
  • Wax!  Wax will provide a protectant for the paint from the environment.  It is recommeneded to wax your car at least every 6 months.  
  • Use screen protectors when the car is parked.  The sun can be brutal, and can cause cracks in interior plastic when exposed for long periods of time
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