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10 Things You Should Keep In The Trunk Of Your Car


You may not be a big fan of car clutter and that’s understandable. But here are a few “just in case” items we feel you might want to keep in the trunk of your car that won’t drive you clutter crazy. Some are for maintenance, some are for emergency, all are for your convenience. These are just a few more helpful tips brought to you by your good friends over at Jiffy Lube So Cal.





If you’ve ever gone to start your car only to find your battery has died and you don’t have any jumper cables, then you already know how important they are to have. Plus it’s actually much harder than you may think to find someone that has jumper cables that’s willing to help you. up your battery and have you back on the road rollin again in no time. Plus if you keep a set like this one then you can help someone else out as well if they need a jump.






If you don’t own a jack or you don’t know how to change a tire then a compressor and tire sealer should be important to you. The tire sealer can seal a leak and the compressor can inflate your tire so you can safely get to the tire shop.






Duct tape can be your best friend in a jam. If you have a broken mirror, molding, or a hanging headlight duct tape can help you out.  Duct tape fixes aren’t permanent fixes by any stretch of the word but they can come through for you in a pinch.







4.  72 HOUR KIT

Choose a 72-Hour kit that suits you best. You can even put together your own if you’d like. Simply having it in your trunk is the important part. They contain a variety items that can become handy in a hurry should  you break down and get stranded without help for a day or two. Whatever you end up choosing make sure it has some basics like a radio, snacks with a 5 year shelf life, solar blanket, and most important WATER! You can get a basic kit for relatively cheap or one with all the extras at a higher price.






Reflective triangles and flares are the most effective way to warn others that you are broken down and in need of some room for safety. Flares are key at night as they can provide a much brighter alert for other drivers in an emergency.











In the event of an injury occurring having a first aid kit can make a huge difference. Make sure it has a manual or a guide just in case you’re a little rusty or familiar with the first aid field.












A heavy duty, high quality flashlight is always a must in case of a breakdown at night or if you need to look into an area that has little to no light available. Make sure you keep some fresh batteries in it as well as some extras on hand just in case.







A quality multi-tool will prove it’s worth sooner than later when you come across all the minor fixes you might not think about.












If you don’t normally keep cash on hand you may want to set some aside and stash it away. If you need a tow and you don’t have AAA sometimes the only tow help you can get is cash only. In that case not having cash could be a real problem if you were  stranded far from home. I would say no less than $40 but, I suggest upwards towards $200 just in case.








An old disconnected cell phone can still dial 911 or 999 in case of an emergency. Next time you upgrade or get a new phone, keep the old one. Charge it up and keep it turned off in your trunk. You may want to keep a charger with a car adapter with it.







Remember, there’s nothing wrong with adding more items to your own personalized list. The more you have, the more prepared you’ll be. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with. Hopefully you never need any of these items but if you do, you’ll be prepared.






















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