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FAQ on Electronic Stability Control

The illumination of a dashboard warning light could signal a problem and cause worry for a driver. Yet, the glow of a vehicle’s Electronic Stability Control (ESC) light actually indicates that the electronic stability system is working to keep your car safely on the road whether maneuvering curves, or slick, wet, driving conditions. If you’re […]

Automotive Tips

Maintenance TLC for Modern Vehicle Brake Systems

Not only does maintaining a vehicle’s brake system help ensure road safety for all motorists, it also protects a vehicle from damage and expensive repairs. Many modern vehicles have brakes on all four wheels with disc brakes on the front and either disc or drum brakes on the rear wheels, all of which depend on […]

Automotive Tips

Top 4 Tire Tech Questions

Tire-makers constantly launch new products and features aimed at improving a vehicle’s safety and performance. In this article, we highlight four of the most popular tire tech questions we hear from our customers. Should I Buy Run-Flat Tires? Run flat tire technology enables vehicles to drive as much as 100 miles on a tire with […]

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