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Automotive Tips

How to Improve Fuel Efficiency

People are constantly looking for ways to get the best fuel mileage possible for their vehicle. Jiffy Lube® is here to help you learn how to get more miles per gallon on the road so you can stretch gallons and dollars further. The best way to improve fuel efficiency is to pay attention to your […]

Automotive Tips

When to Change Oil: A Quick Guide

There is some confusion about how often to change or have the oil changed in your vehicle. Checking and changing your oil regularly will help your car last longer but the majority of Jiffy Lube service recommendations are based on information contained in the owner’s manual for each make, type and year of vehicle. Check […]

Automotive Tips

How to Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

We all love that fresh new-car smell, but unfortunately it only lasts for a little while. Here are some tips to keep your car smelling almost as good as new. Keep your car trash free. Remove all trash, food items, laundry, or other odor-causing items every time you get out of the car. You can either carry […]

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