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Tips To Keep Your Vehicle In Shape During And After Heavy Rainfall

Mother nature sure did a number on us Southern California residents this winter producing rainstorm after rainstorm, which of course has been much needed. Since October 1st, the downtown Los Angeles area alone has received up to 13 inches of rain which is a 216% increase than the average amount for this time of year. […]

Automotive Tips

10 Things You Should Keep In The Trunk Of Your Car

You may not be a big fan of car clutter and that’s understandable. But here are a few “just in case” items we feel you might want to keep in the trunk of your car that won’t drive you clutter crazy. Some are for maintenance, some are for emergency, all are for your convenience. These […]

Automotive Tips

Top 10 Most Expensive “Check Engine” Light-Related Repairs

Top 10 Most Expensive “Check Engine” Light-Related Repairs The sight of a “check engine” light can make you cringe. Here’s a list of your top 10 most expensive “check engine” light-related cringers brought to you by your friends over at Jiffy Lube So Cal.

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