Listen to Your Vehicle for Noises That Sound Like Trouble- Part 2

air filterWhen it comes to strange vehicle noises, ignorance is definitely not bliss. Continuing with our series on sounds that could mean trouble for your vehicle, Jiffy Lube of Southern California has an additional list of vehicle noises to listen for and what they may say about the roadworthiness of your vehicle.

  • Popping: when accompanied by rough idling, it may be a sign of poor ignition timing. If you notice this noise during acceleration and hear engine hesitation, the air filter may be dirty, spark plugs worn, or ignition wires faulty.
  • Hissing: usually heard after turning the engine off, it’s likely due to a leak in the radiator and coolant dripping onto a hot engine part that could result in overheating.
  • Roaring: if you hear a roaring noise during acceleration, it may indicate a damaged exhaust system or a problem with the transmission.
  • Whirring: if heard while accelerating the power steering fluid may be low.

If you notice any of the above sounds from behind the wheel it’s best to respond promptly and obtain a professional opinion. Paying attention to a new sound can nip a problem in the bud and prevent the occurrence of larger issues and expensive repairs. Remember to take note of where and when these noises happen such as the time of day, outside temperature, driving speed, terrain, and whether you were accelerating, braking, coasting, or idling at the time. This information will help your professional vehicle repair technician locate any problems quickly.

To eliminate popping noises due to a dirty air filter, Jiffy Lube provides air filtration services. Also, all oil changes include an inspection of coolant levels and a check/fill of power steering and other vital fluids so your vehicle runs quietly and smoothly.  We also offer other routine preventive maintenance for your vehicle according to manufacturer recommendations that will help you avoid unusual noises that could indicate trouble.

Stop by your neighborhood Jiffy Lube soon for a quick oil change, and even sooner if you need assistance diagnosing an unfamiliar noise.  Describe what you hear to one of our technicians and they may be able to fix the problem quickly or steer you to the right solution.

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