Why it's important to check your car's air filter if you're in the proximity of a wildfire?

wild fireResidents in the path of smoke and ash pouring from wildfires in Santa Clarita have been asked to avoid being outdoors due to the health risks from the ultra-fine particles in the air. But what many of us fail to realize, driving through that same smoky air, our cars or trucks can also suffer some serious damage.

But simply checking and changing your vehicle’s air filter and oil after the smoke has cleared will prevent air filters from clogging, having O2 sensor errors, having possible fuel-injection problems and can prevent the reduction of gas mileage by 10-20%.

Driving in smoke for as little as 50 miles in 1 day’s commute can foul an air filter enough to warrant replacing it.

And to all the Do-it-yourselfers out there, be careful knocking an air filter against any solid object, washing or blowing one out with compressed air. High pressure air or jarring the filter can break fragile filaments of an air filter loose if you are not careful.

Our thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by the Sand fires in the Santa Clarita Mountains. Please be safe!

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