Tips for Prolonging Your Brakes

brake-servicesYour vehicle’s brakes are one of its most important safety features; use them to slow down and stop when you’re behind the wheel. With just a few adjustments to your driving habits, you can keep your brakes working properly for many, many miles. Jiffy Lube provides the following tips for making your brakes last:

  • Slow down— Create less work for your brakes and conserve brake pads when you drive at lower speeds.
  • Don’t ride— Always only your right foot while braking to avoid riding your brakes with the simultaneous use of both the brake and gas pedal.
  • Coast when you can— Minimize brake wear when you anticipate stops, and use coasting to reduce speed before braking.
  • Use visual scanning— Look ahead of your vehicle to time traffic signals and notice slowing traffic so you can ease off the gas, coast, or reduce your speed before it’s necessary to utilize your brakes.
  • Lighten up— Consider driving a lighter weight vehicle, and empty it of heavy items to make stopping easier on your brakes.
  • Brake services— Check brake fluid levels, and have your brake fluid flushed and replaced periodically to prevent corrosion and preserve internal parts including rubber seals.
  • Check the parking brake— never drive with the parking break engaged; after use, check to make sure it’s disengaged before putting your car in gear.

Jiffy Lube recommends having your brakes inspected at regular intervals according to specific guidelines found in your vehicle owner’s manual—usually it’s once a year or every 12,000 miles. Be aware if you have to use more pressure than normal when trying to stop, and check your brakes right away if you notice squeaking or shaking when applying the brakes. Also, watch out for any scraping or grinding sounds when you’re not using your brakes.

Jiffy Lube offers brake services including an inspection of brake linings and key components with a written evaluation that details results and any recommended repairs. After all regular vehicle maintenance will keep your brakes in good condition ensuring your vehicle will stop even on a dime.

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