Tire Rotations—Saving Wear On Your Tires and Wallet

tire-rotationYour tires play a large role in your vehicle’s overall safety and performance, and according to CostHelper.com, drivers spend on average between $80 and $150 on each tire. Though replacing tires is a necessary expense, it only makes sense to maximize the life of your investment with tire rotation services. At Jiffy Lube, we recommend you rotate your tires every 6,000-7,500 miles, depending on your personal driving style and local terrain.

Because a vehicle’s front tires (on front wheel drive vehicles) perform most of the braking and steering duties, they wear faster than rear wheel tires. Rotating your tires from one position to another allows each tire to perform different jobs resulting in more even tire wear—extending the life for all four tires, and saving money by avoiding prematurely worn treads.

In addition to saving you money on tires, regular tire rotation services have the following cost benefits helping you:

  • Avoid a costly accident—Preserving tire tread increases traction allowing for better braking in rain and safer driving in snowy conditions, reducing the chances of a crash.
  • Eliminate mechanical problems—Tires with unequal wear may cause road friction resulting in additional problems, like the loss of tire balance or front-end misalignment.
  • Increase vehicle performance—As adequate tire tread increases traction and stability, it decreases the work required for the vehicle to operate and improves gas mileage.

Jiffy Lube offers a wide range of vehicle maintenance services including tire rotation—performed according to your vehicle and tire manufacturer’s recommendations. Jiffy Lube’s tire rotation service includes a free re-torque of lug nuts/bolts when you return within 500 miles of your initial tire rotation service.

While rotating your tires, our Jiffy Lube technicians can also provide oil change services. A regular oil change, like tire rotation, is a smart investment in the life of your vehicle saving you money on costly repairs down the road. Save money and time when you combine vehicle maintenance services from your neighborhood Jiffy Lube.

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